In-house training with straightforward, transparent, guaranteed pricing

We are happy to publish our prices because every Syndicate Training client pays the same, enjoying high quality low cost training without having to search endlessly for special offers or last minute deals.

Give us your brief and we will tell you if another Syndicate Training client has already run a similar programme. We will send you the course materials to review, eliminating the need to reinvent the wheel. You may however decide that the programme needs tweaking or tailoring to suit your culture using real-life examples that your delegates would recognise.

Alternatively you may want us to build a programme from scratch.

See our costs below

Together we develop your people

In-house training £1150 + VAT per day

4 delivery options


+ VAT per head

Three, two-hour mini courses with 10 delegates per session on the same day


+ VAT per head

Two, half-day programmes
with 10 delegates per session on the same day


+ VAT per head

One day’s delivery
with 10 delegates


+ VAT per head

Four, 1.5hr coaching sessions with 1 delegate per session on the same day

Fully tailored or off the shelf courses – your choice – any UK location – any course title

See development costs below

Customised training

£1150 +vat per day delivery
£275 +vat per half day development

Any UK location, title or trainer – up to 10 delegates

Most programmes can be customised in one day or less

Choose your trainer

The right trainer can make or break a course. We help you choose the right professional from our experienced training team.

We understand that a law firm, a retailer, a charity or a tech company potentially each require a very different style of trainer.

Call Gary Abbott on 020 8766 6080 for more details

Choice of trainers

A selection of available topics

Appraisal Interviewing
Coaching for Performance
Communication Skills
Conflict Management
Creative Problem Solving
Customer Service 
Diversity and Inclusion
Emotional Intelligence Demystified

Empowerment and Delegate Effectively
Flexibility and Adaptability
Handling Difficult Conversations
Influencing and Persuading 
Leadership Skills
Listening Skills
Lone Working 
Making Meetings Work
Management Skills Workshop

Managing Through Change
Managing Remotely
Negotiation Skills – Essentials
Performance Management
Pitching for New Business
Presentation Skills Advanced
Presentation Skills Foundation
Project Management – An Overview
Selection Interviewing

Supervisory Skills – A Toolkit
Teams – Developing Performance
Time Management without the Stress
Tools for the Experienced Manager
Train the Trainer – Tips and Techniques
Wellbeing & Resilience in the workplace

Together we develop your people

Call Gary on 020 8766 6080