Canary Wharf

Presentation Skills – Intermediate

Professional and managerial staff are often required to deliver
influential, high-level presentations to larger and more wellinformed audiences. This course is designed to refine the skills of those with some presentation experience. The focus is on improving the power of personal style without the aid of powerpoint technology.


By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • present confidently, powerfully and with poise
  • handle difficult subjects and audiences
  • make an impact both personally and with their message


This highly participative course uses CCTV and personalised coaching to optimise guidance and feedback. The course revises the areas of preparation, structure, vocal techniques and body language, then introduces advanced techniques in these areas, and in the following topics: gearing structure and content to specific audiences; personal appearance and presentation; conference and social speaking; advanced visual aid techniques.

Suitable for

Middle and senior management, professional staff and directors. Numbers are limited to allow delegates maximum practical application of techniques.

A one day programme split into two half days